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Monday, October 22, 2012

Looking back at Summer 2012

I should have posted about our summer events earlier, but better late than never I suppose!  So, now, in our final days of October, let's look back at a couple of events that CAF hosted.
Summer was a busy time for us at CAF.  For the first time in the two+ years since we formed, we hosted a speaker for the Social Action Coffeehouse series; and we were asked to coordinate and give the annual Blessing of the Animals service at Countryside. 

On June 29, Mikael Nielsen, from Chicago-based Mercy for Animals, came to Countryside to present a powerful slide show and talk titled "Peace, Social Justice, and Animal Welfare".  About 25 people attended, which is a good number for the Social Action coffeehouses!  Kathy Jones and Belinda Draper Robinson (thank you Kathy!!) brought vegan cookies and snacks, as well as So Delicious coconut milk creamers for coffee, to show that making your diet cruelty-free does not mean giving up sweets and cream in your coffee! 

The MFA presentation, while sometimes disturbing in showing the harsh brutal truths of modern-day factory farming, was nonetheless powerful and even optimistic in it's premise.  We can all contribute to the demise of factory farming at a level we are each comfortable with, be it cutting out meat one or two days a week, eating meat only occasionally or choosing to give up meat and animal products altogether. 

At the end of the presentation, Mikael showed a 4-minute film, MFA's "Farm to Fridge".  WARNING:  This film is very graphic and disturbing, but it's message needs to be seen and heard. 


Finally, in July, CAF volunteers coordinated our first Blessing of the Animals service.   We at CAF felt it was a great success.  More to come about that tomorrow. 

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