"The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for whites or women for men." Alice Walker, American author

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Valentine's Week Collection Drive for Young-at-Heart

For the month of February, we'd like to show some love for Palatine's very own Young-at-Heart Senior Pet Rescue. On February 10 through February 17, 2013, there will be a red collection bin in Atherton Hall by the Service Ministry table, for donations of needed items to YAH.
On February 18, we will take the donations to YAH. Please see the list below, and/or this link: http://yahpetrescue.com/donate-to-yah/wish-list/ for items needed. The list will also be on a temporary page on the CAF blog – www.countrysideanimalfriends.blogspot.com

Young-at-Heart is a local non-profit in Palatine, that takes in and rescues senior cats and dogs, and tries to adopt them out. However, if the animals are not adopted out, YAH still provides a forever home at their shelter for them. In short, no animal brought to YAH will be euthanized. In order to provide for these animals, however, YAH and other shelters like them, rely heavily on material and cash donations. Please find it in your heart to help out a senior pet in need this Valentine's Day.

Young-at-Heart's Wish List:
Our Wish List is updated as our needs change. Please check back frequently to see how you can help!
  • Matching collars & leashes in all sizes, new or gently used.
  • Revolution/Heartguard/Frontline Plus/Sentinel in all doses
  • Chewable Joint Supplement Tablets for Dogs
  • Cat Attract Litter
  • Scoopable Clumping Cat Litter
  • Prizes for Silent Auctions and raffles
  • Dry dog & cat food for Nina’s Pet Food Pantry
  • Canned cat food for Nina’s Pet Food Pantry
  • Cat treats
  • Self-sealing Envelopes size #10
  • Postage stamps
  • Copy/Print Paper
  • Paper towels
  • Ziplock bags- Gallon size
  • Avery Laser/Ink Jet Shipping Labels or similar (2″ x 4″ labels)
  • Printing services for brochures
  • Natural cleaning supplies for cat center
  • Cargo Van for Adoption Events and Animal Transports
  • Acreage in Lake or McHenry Counties to build our Sanctuary and Adoption Center on

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Leave No Child Inside 2013 conference

 Chicago Wilderness Leave No Child Inside 2013 Conference

From the Chicago Wilderness web page:  
"The Chicago Wilderness Leave No Child Inside Conference provides environmental educators, teachers, community partners, outreach specialists, students, landscape planners and architects, and other professionals and interested members of the public with a forum to network and share lessons learned in the regional effort to connect children with nature.
The conference will be held on January 12, 2013, 9:00am-3:30pm. Conference topics include partnerships with nontraditional allies, creative use of small outdoor spaces, engaging teens and young adults, model capacity-building programs, and many more. Click here for the full session descriptions.
The event is organized by Chicago Wilderness in partnership with the Triton College Sustainability Center, and is made possible in part through the support of Triton College, the Illinois Green Economy Network, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, USDA Forest Service, and the Chicago Wilderness Corporate Council.
The Leave No Child Inside Conference 2013 will take place at the Triton College Student Center (Building B), 2000 Fifth Ave., River Grove, Illinois. Parking is free. For driving directions and public transportation information, visit the Triton College website at http://www.triton.edu/Campus-Info/
To register for the 2013 conference, please click here."

Friday, November 16, 2012

Chicago Stage Review's review of Ringling Bros. Circus


I was pleased to see the Chicago Stage Review give this accurate review of the Ringling Bros. Circus which has been touring Chicago and suburbs in November and this month.  

It truly is the saddest show on earth.

It's the 21st century.  We can do better than this.

For more information about ending circus animal cruelty, go to Break the Chain. 
Also see Circus Protest for resources and information about starting your own circus protest.   Both are listed permanently on our links list on the right sidebar. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Looking back at Summer 2012

I should have posted about our summer events earlier, but better late than never I suppose!  So, now, in our final days of October, let's look back at a couple of events that CAF hosted.
Summer was a busy time for us at CAF.  For the first time in the two+ years since we formed, we hosted a speaker for the Social Action Coffeehouse series; and we were asked to coordinate and give the annual Blessing of the Animals service at Countryside. 

On June 29, Mikael Nielsen, from Chicago-based Mercy for Animals, came to Countryside to present a powerful slide show and talk titled "Peace, Social Justice, and Animal Welfare".  About 25 people attended, which is a good number for the Social Action coffeehouses!  Kathy Jones and Belinda Draper Robinson (thank you Kathy!!) brought vegan cookies and snacks, as well as So Delicious coconut milk creamers for coffee, to show that making your diet cruelty-free does not mean giving up sweets and cream in your coffee! 

The MFA presentation, while sometimes disturbing in showing the harsh brutal truths of modern-day factory farming, was nonetheless powerful and even optimistic in it's premise.  We can all contribute to the demise of factory farming at a level we are each comfortable with, be it cutting out meat one or two days a week, eating meat only occasionally or choosing to give up meat and animal products altogether. 

At the end of the presentation, Mikael showed a 4-minute film, MFA's "Farm to Fridge".  WARNING:  This film is very graphic and disturbing, but it's message needs to be seen and heard. 


Finally, in July, CAF volunteers coordinated our first Blessing of the Animals service.   We at CAF felt it was a great success.  More to come about that tomorrow. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

El Nuevo Mexicano

El Nuevo Mexicano

Thursday, June 21, sets off a month of vegan specialties at El Nuevo Mexicano on Clark St. in Wrigleyville, Chicago.   From June 21 through July, 10% of proceeds from all vegan menu options will be donated to Mercy For Animals in Chicago.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Investigation Video - Mercy For Animals

It is with great sadness - and even some reservation - that I share this video here.  Sadness, because I see these videos all too often, several times a year, actually.  It is so unnecessary.

With reservation, as I personally dislike watching these videos - and honestly I will not watch this one.  I've seen enough.  I'm doing what I can by choosing to eat a vegan diet and lifestyle.
Please consider doing what you can to help make these videos become unnecessary and disappear forever, whether that is reducing your meat and animal product consumption, vowing to only buy certified humane products, or if you can, giving up animal products altogether. 

Below is the video footage - I understand this is graphic and disturbing, but I feel compelled to share it, again, in light of the ongoing cruelty inherent in our factory farms - where most of our meat, eggs and cheese come from - and in light of the recent efforts of the Ag-Gag bills to suppress these undercover investigations that expose the industry's cruelty. 

Embed Investigation Video - Mercy For Animals